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Current martial arts training pursues individual physical strength and mental training through the body. The training system of World Kummooyeh Federation includes an educational system that allows modern people to practice a daily life martial art in a natural way. The contents of Mooyehdobotongji or Muye Dobo Tongji, which is known as the best existing martial arts training book, are newly reproduced with Korean style sword martial arts techniques through historical research. Also, the balanced development of theory and practice can be possible through the training of Gumbup, sparring, cutting, and mental training, which are the essence of oriental sword martial arts.

Gumbup (Forms)

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  • Mental and physical training with the various techniques in Mooyehdobotongji and the traditional gumbup based on practical and scientific theories.

  • Step by step training system of increasing difficulty from SsangsooGumbup (double-handed gumbup), PyeonsooGumbup (single-handed gumbup) to SssangGumbup (dual-wield gumbup) is a training method that pursues physical and mental health based on actual combat.


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  • Cut various fixed and moving objects.

  • Can experience the flow/moving and mechanical principles of a sword that cannot be learn from training in gumbup and gyojeon.

  • It is developed to modern real sword training methods through scientific theories and practices of World Kummooyeh Federation.

  • Cutting, gumbup and gyojeon training are the core of the World Kummooyeh Federation training system.


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  • It is a weapon that is useful for long distances among traditional Korean martial art weapons.

  • Korean bows are short, but have characteristics of fast flying speed and can cover long distances due to the strong flexibility and elasticity of Korean bows.

  • This training helps develop concentration and focus.

Deungpae (Sheild)

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  • Traditionally made of wisteria and bamboo.

  • Used to block arrows.

  • It's light and hard enough to endure rain and moisture.

  • Today's shield has a diameter of three feet seven inches.

Gyojeon (Sparring)

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  • Practical combat training technique that is difficult to learn with only gumbup training.

  • Learn respect for other people through improvement of sword technique and develop mutually  complementary benefits by learning to react against other person's action.

Breathing & Meditation

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  • Basic stances are essential for the training of all martial arts. Even advanced techniques are also an application and development of basic stances.

  • It is difficult to use high-level techniques without the correct breathing method.

  • Improving mental concentration through danjeon breathing can improve physical strength.

  • The purpose of meditation practice in parallel with danjeon breathing before training is about maintaining composure by calming the body and mind during training.

  • As for the meditation practice after training, natural breathing meditation practice is performed to return the intense state of mind and body to a stable state.

Woldo (Moon Blade)

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  • Woldo is a single-bladed knife with a long handle.

  • It is made to be suitable for cutting rather than stabbing.

  •  It is structured to obtain large kinetic energy by utilizing its weight.

  • Even if it cannot cut, woldo is said to damage with its weight.

  • The hole in woldo where the decoration is attached is called Hwanhyeol.

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